Service overview

About NEDO's project

In "Research and development of innovative annealing machines for combinatorial optimization processing" entrusted project "Technology development business of AI chip and next-generation computing that enables high-efficiency and high-speed processing - R&D items (3)", Hitachi Ltd., National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, RIKEN, Research Organization of Information and Systems, and Waseda University are developing the basic technology of an "Annealing machine (Ising model type device)" that handles combinatorial optimization problems that are increasingly important in IoT (Internet of Things) society at a high energy efficiency of a thousand times higher than in the past.

By spreading this technology and optimized computing platform in the IoT society, it is expected to have excellent ripple effects on all kinds of industrial fields such as manufacturing, energy, agriculture, medical care, finance, social infrastructure, distribution, and pharmaceutical.

Purpose of Annealing Cloud Web

This cloud service has been released free to a wide range of people for the purpose of actually experiencing an annealing machine developed in this business. As a result, we aim to (1) expand the user layer of the annealing machine, (2) accelerate the development of related peripheral technologies such as software, and (3) further improve the performance of the annealing machine.

In particular, with regard to expansion of the user base, we hope that through the use of this cloud service, formation of user community and strong user-to-user collaboration will be created. By actually using this cloud service and experiencing efforts to incorporate in the software, we aim to develop software developers and to train software engineers who can use an annealing machine.

In addition, we would like to provide easy-to-understand information on an annealing machine developed in this project, and based on feedback from users, we hope to improve the performance of annealing machines.