Building network robustness

This demo app showcases solving combinatorial optimization problems with an annealing machine. The example is a problem called vertex cover problem. Please see the tutorial for a detailed explanation.
Please note that using this demo app, you are deemed to have agreed to Agreement of Annealing Cloud Web

How to use

  • Click the "Install Server" button and install as many servers as you want. The icon of the installed server can be moved by using the drag operation.
  • Click the "Show in Ising editor" button. The Ising model of the installed server is displayed in a separate window as a graph. The maximum size of the Ising model is 15x15.
  • Pressing the "Solve" button solves the vertex cover problem of the graph and encloses the server to be secured with a blue circle.
  • To start over from the beginning, please push "Reset" button.

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