Ising editor

In Ising editor, you can set parameters and schedule for CMOS annealing machine and perform annealing. Please see the tutorial for a detailed explanation.
Please note that using this ising editor, you are deemed to have agreed to the Agreement of Annealing Cloud Web

How to use

  • Select a value between -3 and +3 and set the external magnetic field coefficient and interaction coefficient to the Ising model graph on the "INPUT" tab. Or choose any of the preset options. Move the mouse cursor over an edge or vertex on the graph to display the interaction coefficient and the external magnetic field coefficient. If there is no external magnetic field, the coefficients will not be displayed.
  • Pressing the "Solve" button optimizes the CMOS annealing machine and displays the results on the "OUTPUT" tab.
  • To start over from the beginning, please push "Reset" button.

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