A 9-chip 144kbit CMOS annealing prototype was published at ISSCC2021. You can access the prototype via this website.
The Building Network Robustness demo app now shows Ising model of the installed server.
Added Expansion of CMOS Annealing to Basic Knowledge.
Launched the cloud computing service "Annealing Cloud Web" using an annealing machine specialized for combinatorial optimization problem.

Welcome to Annealing Cloud Web

Annealing Cloud Web is operated using the results of "Research and development of innovative annealing machines for combinatorial optimization processing" conducted by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization). The "Annealing machine (Ising model type device)" was developed by Hitachi Ltd., National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, RIKEN, Research Organization of Information and Systems, and Waseda University. The goal is to expand the user base, accelerate the development of related peripheral technologies (such as software), and to further improve the performance of the annealing machine itself.

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Provide the basic knowledge necessary for using the Annealing Cloud Web platform, demo app and Ising editor which can experience the operation of CMOS annealing machine, and various documents.

Service overview

The purpose of the Annealing Cloud Web and the NEDO project.

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About CMOS Annealing

Introducing the various implementations of CMOS annealing.

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The basic knowledge

The basic knowledge necessary for using Annealing Cloud Web and information on CMOS annealing machine.

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A description about the hamiltonian of Ising model and the processing performed in demo apps.

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Demo apps

Demo apps that allows you to connect to a CMOS annealing machine installed in the cloud and display the results.

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Ising editor

A learning Ising editor that can set interaction on a small lattice manually.

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